Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course Battle Set B0083TX9W

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  • BeyWheelz Crash Course Battle Set
  • With 3 ways to battle - Crash! Stunt! Race!
  • Includes: BeyArena, Stunt Goal, Blast Pillars, Launchers & Cards
  • With 2 exclusive BeyWheelz Battlers!
  • Suitable for ages 8 and upwards
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The BeyWheelz Crash Course Battle Set has three ways to battle -
crashes, stunts and races!

Powered by the rip-infused action of BeyBlade, the BeyWheelz Crash
Course Battle Set has everything you need to battle BeyWheelz battlers
right out of the box! The instruction guide includes battling ideas and
tips to launch you into battle right away!

CRASH - send the BeyWheelz battlers crashing into each other.
STUNT - compete with friends to see who can create the most awesome
BeyWheelz stunts.
RACE - race the BeyWheelz battlers against each other to see which one
will reach the finish line first.

BeyWheelz have their own unique launching technique - attach the
battlers to the wheelz launchers and push the launchers off the ripcords
to deploy the battlers. The 2 exclusive BeyWheelz battlers are: SOARING
WING PEGASUS and DOOM FIRE DRAGO which have decorations exclusive to
this set. Each BeyWheelz battler has four parts - the Spirit Axle,
Spirit Shield, Energy Core, and Attack Gear. You can customise BeyWheelz
battlers by switching parts with other BeyWheelz battlers. Each
BeyWheelz battler is strongest in one of three categories: Speed, Power
or Balance. To guide you when you are customising your battler, the
charts on the package show the category strengths of each battler's
Spirit Shield, Energy Core, and Attack Gear, and the name of the parts.
Battlers measure approximately 7cm in diameter.

This set includes: BeyArena, stunt goal, blast pillars, 2
exclusive BeyWheelz 4-piece battlers, 2 Wheelz launchers, 2 ripcords, 2
collector cards and instructions.
Beyblade Beywheelz Crash Course Battle Set B0083TX9W

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